Seize your chance to snag coveted SIC 2024 tickets and other jaw-dropping prizes worth over $20,000!

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Seattle Interactive Conference Challenge

Win tickets to Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) taking place July 31-August 1, 2024. Prizes worth over $20,000 including SIC tickets, retro gear, and AI products.

Tell us why you want to go to SIC! Get the most likes in an hour and climb the leaderboard.

Challenge ends in:

How to Win

Create and post a social video on one social media platform of your choice. Get as many likes as you can in one hour and submit your entry below. The top 50 submissions with the most amount of likes will win! Challenge is open for submissions from 6/25/2024-7/19/2024.

1: Create a Social Video

Create a 15-60 second social video including these talking points:

  • What are you working on right now within digital, interactive, creative, or marketing?
  • Why do you want to go to the Seattle Interactive Conference?

2: Post the Video

Post the social video to one social platform.

  • Make sure that the post/account is set to public, so that it can be viewed and confirmed for the adjudication process.
  • Include #SICChallenge and tag SIC within your post.

Acceptable social media platforms include: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

Share the Hashtag:


3: Take Screenshot 1

Take a screenshot when your post goes live on your chosen social platform.

4: Get Likes!

Get the most likes you can on your post within one hour on one social platform of your choice (see below for acceptable platforms).

Thumbs Up!

Get the most likes you can on your post

Accepted social media platforms:


5: Take Screenshot 2

Take a screenshot one hour after your post goes live. Make sure the screenshot shows how many likes you received and the timestamp.

6: Submit Entry

Hit the “Submit Entry” button on this page and you will sign up with the challenge platform, Twin Galaxies. After you sign up, include these 4 items in your submission:

Your Video

Make it awesome 🙂

Screenshot 1

A screenshot from time post went live

Screenshot 2

A screenshot from one hour after post time

Post URL

A link to your social post

The top 50 verified submissions with the most likes will win! Check the leaderboard to see how you rank.

What can I win?

🏆 Over $20,000 in Prizes Up for Grabs! 🏆 Top 5 submissions on the leaderboard win coveted tickets to SIC 2024 (July 31-August 1) along with other prizes.

Receive the most likes on your Seattle Interactive Conference Challenge post within one hour to climb the leaderboard.

Once all the submissions have been reviewed and validated the Top 50 prizes will be rewarded!

challenge prizes

Prize Packs

Grand Prize

(Prize Value of $2,550)

  • 2024 SIC Ticket
  • Free pair of LA GEAR Sneakers
  • 1 Year Free GoCharlie Business Plan
  • 1 Year Free Augie Premium
  • 50% off first 12 months of Reveal

Top 2-5

(Prize Value of $1,450)

  • 2024 SIC Ticket
  • Free pair of LA GEAR Sneakers
  • 50% off first 12 months of Reveal
  • 1 Year Free Augie Premium

Top 6-15

(Prize Value of $700)

  • 50% off LA Gear Sneakers
  • 25% off GoCharlie Business Tier
  • $100 Discount from EZNewswire
  • 25% off first 12 months from Reveal

Top 16-30

(Prize Value of $205)

  • 50% off Augie Premium for 3 months
  • 25% off LA GEAR Sneakers
  • 10% off first 12 months from Reveal

Top 31-50

(Prize Value of $130)

  • 10% off GoCharlie Business Tier
  • 25% off Augie Premium for 1 month
  • 25% off LA GEAR Sneakers
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Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC) is a celebration of the incredible work happening at the intersection of technology, creativity and digital marketing. We spotlight innovation in experience, design, and strategy. We believe in the power of creative thinking, and that data and technology can be leveraged to help us make better, intentional choices.

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LA Gear is a Los Angeles-inspired brand celebrating 41 years of delivering quality footwear, apparel and accessories worldwide.

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The Fine Details

The Twin Galaxies General Gameplay Global Rules and Guidelines for all submissions shall apply. However, any rules listed above are considered the overriding rule set where/if there is any direct overlap or conflict.

Any submissions received before 2024-07-19 at 11:59pm PDT that have not yet received verification and are still in process will be given the time needed for the verification process to complete. This will occur before any prizes are designated.

In case of a tie in the number of likes, the earliest submission will win.


Submissions may be delayed by a few minutes.

Date Submitter Review Status Likes Rank Video